TikTok is committed to ensuring that brands that advertise on the platform have the resources they need to make successful content. Check out the TikTok specific resources below to optimize your TikTok ad performance.

Top Ads on TikTok
Explore the top performing ads in your category for inspiration and sample content for creators.

TikTok's Top Hashtags

Hashtags on TikTok help creators connect to the content that's in line with their interests, and boosts search results. Check out the top hashtags in your industry and have creator's use them in their posts.

Trending Sounds

TikTok prioritizes content that has popular music and sounds. Find trending sounds that are approved for business for your ads. 

Use the Royalty-Free Music Filter: When searching for music in the TikTok Music Library, you can apply a "Royalty-Free" filter to narrow down your options. This filter ensures that the music you find can be used without any copyright restrictions.

Explore Third-Party Royalty-Free Music Websites: Apart from TikTok's Music Library, there are several third-party websites that offer royalty-free music for commercial use. These websites provide a wide range of music genres and styles that you can use in your TikTok videos. Some popular royalty-free music websites include Artlist, Epidemic Sound, and AudioJungle. Remember to always review the terms and conditions of the music you choose to ensure that it is truly royalty-free and suitable for your TikTok content.

Keyword Insights

Find out what the key hooks, text overlays, and ad text are driving performance and incorporate them into your content.

Ad Safety Zones 

Send this to creator's to make sure that the creator's content won't be cut off when you're building your ads out.